Helping you Experience a Relaxing, Soothing
Sleep Environment

In 1958, John Houghtaling invented Magic Fingers, a device mounted onto a bed that would vibrate the mattress under you for 15 minutes, promising escape from the work-a-day non-vibrating bed world. American Entertainment is the national distributor for Magic Fingers, Night Magic and Comfortease bed massagers. We keep thousands of them on hand so there is no delay in receiving your bed vibrator.

Most people buy our massager/vibrators for the relaxing effect that you receive after about 10 minutes. A good part of our business is from referrals of people that have already purchased one of our models. I am sure that you would enjoy the vibrating massage that you would get from one of our models. And I know you’ll appreciate our 41+ years of “Legendary Customer Service”.


Magic Fingers JR. Bed Massager/Vibrator


Comfort Ease Sleep Massager/Vibrator


The Original Magic Fingers Bed Vibrator & Massager